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Work-Life Balance

The Perfect Moment

By August 6, 2015August 18th, 2015No Comments
My perfect momentHave you ever stopped and thought about the perfect moment?

Recently I had the opportunity for a rare sleep in, with four children believe me when I tell you it’s rare. It was a Saturday morning and my 4 year old decided to quietly creep into bed with us somewhere in the middle of the night. Before I got up to start my daily routine, I decided to look over at her and just watch her sleep. She was so peaceful and restful that it struck me. What was it I was working for? What was it that drove me every morning? Not just out of my bed, but out of my home? What kept me moving forward every single day? Why on earth, after all, would I want to get out of bed and want to ruin this perfect moment with my little four year old cuddled up so closely to me?

And then I remembered MY Why. My Raison D’etre if you will. We have a need to change the lives of other entrepreneurs, to assist them in changing their circumstances and to help them make their lives better. We believe that when small businesses succeed, they not only get a leg up themselves, but also offer others the chance to get a leg up; their suppliers, their customers and even their own employees, who potentially wouldn’t have had a job. Every business that succeeds is like that rising tide that raises all ships. I believe its D&D Leasing’s reason for being, to help as many other ships to rise.

The perfect moment than for me, is recognizing and pursuing MY Why because in doing so I can help so many other entrepreneurs, and even fathers have other perfect moments, with their sons and daughters on a Saturday morning in the early hours snuggled up in a bed that’s way too small and somehow just the right size.

What’s your perfect moment? I’d love to hear about it here.

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