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DND Finance – Who We Are

DND Finance is a multinational commercial equipment finance provider. We originated in Canada in 2000 as D&D Leasing, opened in the UK as D&D Leasing UK Ltd. in 2009, and as of December 2018 we rebranded the company to DND Finance.  We also have plans to expand to other regions in the coming years.

DND Finance was founded by Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost for a distinct purpose: to serve the entrepreneurial segment of the small- and medium-sized business sector, helping these companies grow at the grassroots level.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the backbone of the global economy.  As their businesses grow, they grow businesses all around them. It’s a catalytic effect that creates more jobs, improves lives and leads to a prosperous community.

Along with helping entrepreneurs succeed, DND Finance provides vendor financing programs to manufacturers and works closely with small-ticket brokers of equipment finance. We also provide professions loans to professionals, from physicians to accountants and architects, to help their businesses grow.

Bill Dost

Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost

Group CEO

Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost, an entrepreneur with interests in a variety of fields, got his start in the asset finance field over 15 years ago working for Fidelity Leasing. In 2000 in Canada, he started DND Finance to service the entrepreneurial segment of the SME field and expanded into the U.K. in 2009 when he opened D&D Leasing UK Ltd. He sits on a number of boards including the Finance and Leasing Association, Asset Finance Professionals Association, and the Toronto Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization, which he served as 2013-2014 President and as a member of the Canadian Conference Committee. Today he serves on the Canadian Regional Council. A Fellow of the Leasing Foundation, Director for the FLA and AF-PA, he believes it is not enough to simply run a finance company successfully but that one must give back into the community both in one’s own business and outside of it as well. To that end, he not only serves on various committees but also holds an annual charity event to raise awareness and funds for small and often unknown charities. Among other degrees he holds a Doctorate of Theology and an MBA in Human Resource Management.