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When Should You Lease?

Leasing equipment makes good business sense. From corporations to small businesses, from professionals to entrepreneurs, leasing is always a good and intelligent option. Just look at these examples when leasing is the smarter way:

  1. You need a major software upgrade, but there’s no room in the budget.
    So you lease the software and keep the budget under control. Your customers are happy and so are your investors.
  1. You need new equipment, but the bank won’t lend on your cash flow.
    Leasing solves the problem, you upgrade immediately, and cash flow and profit improve even more
  1. You need to unlock your working capital.
    You convert your capital purchases to leases and release vital working capital back into the business.
  1. You want the most tax-efficient funding.
    Leasing provides you a tax deductible rental payment.
  1. You have to decide between more staff or better equipment.
    Leasing the equipment makes both possible.

And that’s just a few ways leasing helps you grow your business success.