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Serving Your Customers through Good Customer Service

By September 8, 2015February 5th, 2021No Comments

What is Good Customer Service really? We all seem to understand what it is when we are not getting it. Ask anyone and they have a story, an anecdote or an experience of how they have had absolutely horrible customer service. In fact in the UK it seems many companies try to outdo each other in how bad they can serve their customers. Not answering the phone or responding to messages for days or ever, not being polite, simply not delivering what’s on the packaging of a product, the list really does go on and on. However, what is good customer service? Have we gone so far in one direction that we can no longer recognize what good service is? Are we so critical now that when seeing someone trying so hard to assist us that we simply consider that service as terrible as opposed to someone attempting to serve to the best of their abilities? I ask again, what is GOOD customer service?

I posit that good customer service is more than simply doing what’s on the “tin” so to speak, it’s going above and beyond to make your customers experience right. The best way I can explain this is to always make your customer feel warm, wanted and welcome. A better way that I explain it to friends is that I go where I’m celebrated and not where I am tolerated.

Good Customer Service - men shaking hands

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I think if we actually celebrated our customers (even our problem child ones, you know the ones I’m speaking about, the ones who have trouble paying, or are a pain in the back side, those ones) if we celebrated every single customer and really made them feel special. How would it change our business? I think it would, I guarantee it would in fact because so many companies are just uninterested in treating their customers well at all. This is likely because so many people that work in companies aren’t treated well themselves … so what would happen if we treated our people very well?

In fact …

What would happen if we celebrated all of our staffs? Even the problem team members? You know the ones I’m talking about … those ones. If we celebrated them instead of tolerating them, would that change our companies?

I think it would.

What do you think?

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