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How Our Process Works

Please note DND Finance’s process when reviewing applications:

  1. Credit application is submitted to DND Finance
  2. If a Sales review is required, sales will review and add extra details as required or complete a full write up and submit it to credit
  3. Credit department adjudicates the application and will either communicate a decision or request more information
  4. Decision is sent to DND Finance rep to communicate with the client
  5. Assuming the client is happy with the terms and conditions. Paperwork issued for signing
  6. Client receives and reviews paperwork – questions asked and answered on the contract
  7. Client signs paperwork and ultimately returns to DND Finance
  8. DND Finance receives paperwork and audit department reviews to ensure documentation and all terms and conditions are complete
  9. Finance department reviews all outstanding items, ensures banking details are correct and then submits for funding
  10. DND Finance funds the agreement

Canadian Application

UK Application