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DND Finance opened in London in 2009 and serves clients throughout the UK, offering both leases and professional loans. Our services are designed for the underfunded entrepreneurial and small and medium enterprise sector in the UK.  Typical customers are businesses with under  £2 million in revenue and an average ticket size between  £15,000 and £25,000 to a maximum of  £50,000.

Along with equipment financing, we offer working capital loans that provide short-term liquidity to UK professionals, such as physicians, accountants and architects, with loan terms from three months to three years. Our maximum transaction size for professional loans is £75,000. Our typical customers using professions loans have under £2 million in revenue and fewer than 10 employees, but we are flexible and interested in supporting growing companies and entrepreneurs regardless of their size.

Our commitment to opening growth opportunities extends not only to our UK clients but to the community at large.  Each year, we host a black-tie charity fundraiser in London to raise money for lesser-known children’s charities.

DND Finance’s experience is proven and our resources and contacts, vast. Our hassle-free approach is designed to make equipment financing fast and easy for you. You receive:

  • A fair rate.
    Our ability to match your needs to the right product allows us to provide you with a fair rate for the finance you require.
  • A timely response.
    Ask for an estimate today and you’ll have a prompt answer.
  • A Low monthly payment versus a larger capital expenditure.
    Make your business work smarter for you.
  • The benefit of our proven experience.
    We have sourced and structured leases for countless satisfied businesses.

All you have to do is apply today.  We will need some information about you, your business and the type of equipment you need. We will process your information immediately and either give you a call to discuss the leasing options available to you or put you in touch with a suitable partner. When the lease agreement is approved, we will notify the vendor and your equipment will be delivered to you.

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Office Location

DND Finance
A division of D&D Leasing UK Ltd.

Studio LU.404
The Light Bulb
1 Filament Walk
SW18 4GQ
United Kingdom

 Tel: +44 (0)20 3769 6518

UK Products

As a Lender and Credit Broker, DND Finance offers you a variety of options:

Loans or Leases

Entrepreneurs, growing companies, and professional firms turn to us for funding that can be in the form of a lease or a loan.

You have a range of business requirements, and we are dedicated to providing flexible financing solutions. We are focused on helping you reach your next horizon.

We continuously assess our clients’ interests and expand our products and services accordingly. Recent financial product expansions include the addition of light commercial vehicle financing and professions loans.

Since our inception in 2009 we have specialized in small-ticket, vendor, broker and micro-ticket equipment leasing.

Equipment Lease

Our lease products include rental options for commercial vehicles and business equipment. Lease terms are usually two to five years. This spreads the investment costs over time, and you benefit from regular fixed repayments aligned with your revenue plans.

Apply Now! We can even pre-approve you for a pre-set amount based on your purchase plans.

Professions Loans

In addition to leases, we offer loans to professional practices when they need capital to expand for work in progress or even to pay tax. These working capital loans are in demand from law firms, medical service providers and other professional organizations throughout the UK.

Working capital fills a gap that grew out of the global financial crisis when the banking industry’s toughening loan criteria was especially challenging for smaller companies.

Our typical customers using professions loans have under £2 million in revenue on average, and have less than 10 employees, but we are flexible and interested in supporting growing companies and entrepreneurs, regardless of their size.

Broking Services

There may be times when we as a firm may not be able to satisfy your requirements internally. In these instances, DND Finance will be able to place your transaction with one of our partner firms who will be able to do so.

Equipment Leasing and Financing Benefits Include:

  • Preserve your working capital
  • Hedge obsolescence
  • Gain immediate equipment usage
  • Avoid the burdens of ownership or asset disposal
  • Benefit from available tax credits
  • Enjoy fixed regular payments
  • Align financing terms with revenue timing

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    DND Finance is committed to its clients and to the communities we serve by creating jobs, supporting business growth and through charitable donations and volunteerism.

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    DND Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    We subscribe to the FLA lending code, a copy of which can be found here: FLA Lending Code