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D&D Leasing is a privately funded specialist equipment finance provider. Originating in Canada in the year 2000, D&D Leasing opened operations in the UK in the year 2009. D&D Leasing raises funds from a variety of different sources utilizing banks, blockers and high net worth individuals.

Our area of  operation  is to provide finance to predominantly new, small or transitional businesses seeking a range of facilities covering general business equipment,commercial vehicle and plant and a range of professional loans catering for general working capital, tax and acquisition requirements.

A Broker based lessor, D&D Leasing supports the broker marketplace and has done so since they opened in 2009. Being a specialist Lessor dedicated to the niche area of micro Leasing, D&O are able 10 translate smaller business needs into funding realities.

D& D Leasing services UK business clients nationally with a strong focus in London. We have proven experience, resources, contacts and a hassle-free approach to solving your equipment financing needs. D&D Leasing is a general equipment funder, servicing alternative funding market.

It all adds up to unique strengths in making equipment financing easier for you.

  • You get what you need quickly. Ask f0r an estimate today and you’ll have an answer in 24 hours or less.
  • You get a low monthly payment that makes business work smarter for you.
  • You get a simple, easy-to-understand contract that makes for easy decision making.
  • You benefit from our proven experience in sourcing and structuring leases for countless satisfied businesses.


T: 0207 618 0926
E: info@danddleasing.co.uk

D&D Leasing
70 St Mary Axe
United Kingdom

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