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The Strength of the Human Will

By May 15, 2015No Comments

Louis ZamperiniLouis Zamperini has always been a hero of mine. I got a chance to watch the movie “Unbroken” just recently on my flight back from London. I already knew Louis’ general story – war vet, runner, the general struggle to succeed. Watching his story was illuminating and while I understand it was Hollywoodizied you can’t argue with the facts of what he went through and what he overcame. Nor can you argue with what he continually teaches us, never quit, and never surrender. It really is amazing the strength of the human will is, we do not realize how strong we are, or could be. As business owners this has never been a truer axiom than it is today. With competition becoming fiercer and new entrants entering your field the reality is this; past success will not guarantee future victory.

So what is an entrepreneur to do? Well in my experience, we do what made us successful in the first place.

  1. We do not quit
  2. Look for the small things that create big change
  3. Capitalize on our ability to get the job done

You see we all have a little Louis Zamperini in us that push to never give in no matter the odds, that indomitable human will. I encourage you to dig deep and find your inner Louis and push on towards your desired goals and dreams.

Without over stressing the point, I think it’s good to look at others who have beaten the odds or overcome impossible challenges. We can learn from these individuals and apply their real life experiences to our own lives and issues that we may be experiencing. We can even adapt their experience to match our circumstances. Now granted it’s not likely many of us will be shot out of a plane like Louis was, nor will we likely end of in a POW camp. However, we will all face situations where we think it’s the end of the world, where we feel there is no way forward, or that freedom from our problems is simply a route to more problems and with no real end in sight. That’s when we need to think about people like Louis Zamperini, we need to remember that if he had the strength to get through what seemed like impossible challenges, than likely we can dig deep into ourselves and find that will too do the same. The human will is a remarkable thing, our ability to tap into it and dig deep and use it however, now that’s extraordinary. Don’t believe me? Go watch “Unbroken”.

That of course is my opinion what do you think?

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