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Social Media: Tilling the Ground for Fertile Business Relationships

By March 10, 2015March 12th, 2015No Comments

Social Media

At D&D Leasing, President Bill Dost employs social media as a tool to connect with customers and build strong relationships, with no regard to ROI or quota. In equipment finance, Twitter and LinkedIn can prove a strong method to create person to person connections.

Discussions on effective leadership often land on a universal theme: how best to start — or strengthen — business relationships. At D&D Leasing, we are always seeking ways to do just that, from immersing ourselves in industry groups and community projects to engaging online in dynamic conversations.

As we vigorously plan to expand our company beyond Canada and the UK, one key to our growth strategy is leveraging the power of social media. We know that our customers — current and future — are ramping up their activity on social networks. By listening to what they share, we can readily respond in a personal way that just a decade ago was impossible.

From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to blogs, social media technologies are rapidly evolving, providing continuous opportunities to connect business to business, person to person. And, as Seth Godin tells us in his seminal book Tribes, We Need You to Lead Us, these networks provided unbounded potential to grow our “tribes,” from customers and investors to industry colleagues and like-minded supporters of the causes closest to our hearts.

Participating in online conversations is a first step. But we look to social media for a deeper opportunity. To offer salient insights. To bring people together in new ways of thinking. To encourage, inspire and to create change.

We have set guidelines for our employees to enter social media thoughtfully, and we are joining online groups relevant to our industry and communities. We don’t view these channels as sales vehicles, and we’re not holding anyone to a quota or ROI in their social media activities.

Our view is wider. A sale can happen with a strong offering and the right pricing, but a trusting, long-term client relationship stems from understanding and empowerment. Social media forums are fertile grounds for tilling these connections.

Relationships are the heartbeat of our mission. In pursuing our desire to “change the lives of a million entrepreneurs,” we create life-changing opportunities through financing — helping small business owners whose future may hinge on acquiring equipment or working capital.

As we grow our tribe in 2015, we’ll be amplifying our online voices and fine-tuning our listening ears. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you! Tell us: How do you incorporate social media into your business?

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