Bill Dost at X-mas party 2016

Carlton House Terrace in London was the location once more for this spectacular charity event, the “Foundation Holiday Drinks and Reception” hosted by Bill and Maggie Dost on the 8th of December  The stalwart Erik Lorincz of the Savoy Hotel was there as the baron of the bar, and music was from the ever popular keyboard player, Jon Nickoll.

Bill and Maggie Dost’s receptions are not only sophisticated and elegant, they always have a charitable cause at their heart, and this year it was the Paul Hansell Foundation, a charity committed to raising awareness about the importance of making mental health part of our daily lives and daily conversations.

The Paul Hensell Foundation has a fascinating method of helping inspire its themes and its supporters. One of the photos shows Brian Hansell and Bill Dost holding a #ConvoPlate, which is just a simple hand-painted stoneware plates that are circulate around the community to get people talking about mental health.  Each one is different and was created by a member of our local community with their own special message and meaning.

The goal is to help make Mental Health part of our every day conversation.  Just like eating right and exercising supports physical health, the Hansell Foundation believes we all need to take active steps to support our mental health.

The Foundation’s hope is that the #ConvoPlate inspires people to have conversations about mental health.  It believes that if we can keep the conversation about mental health going, we can break the stigma and increase the number of youth who access mental health services.

Erik Lorincz 2016

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