Once again, December proved that the leasing industry, despite not being perceived as the most glamorous segment of the financial services sector, is perfectly capable of holding its own when it comes co throwing a party.

Last month’s first highlight happened on its first day, when a lunchtime gathering organised by Peter McDonnell of Cordoba bled smoothly into the FLA’s Christmas Drinks to form a truly formidable double bill.

One could have easily put together a who’s who of UK leasing from the attendance lists of the two events, and the informality of lunchtime pints in Williamson’s Tavern was perfectly balanced out by the sophistication and smooth organisation of the FLA’s event at Inner Temple.

Later in the month, a smaller group met with D&D Leasing chief Bill Dost, who rein­forced his status as a man who knows how to live the good life by throwing a top-notch black tie event in his own home.

Live musicians, hot food and a world-class cocktail bartender kept a smile on everyone’s face, while by the end of the evening  guests had offered a healthy volume of donations to Street Child of Sierra Leone, the sup ported charity for the night.

Sincere thanks to Bill for inviting the  press, and please visit: street-child.co.uk or ring 020 7614 7696 to find out more about supporting Street Child of Sierra Leone.

www.leasinglife.com | January 2012

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