Our Company in 60 Seconds

Please tell us what your business does.
D&D Leasing is a multinational commercial equipment and loan finance provider, servicing the SME marketplace. We offer finance to firms who are either under financed or unfinanceable by the banking sector.

Who are the principal clients that you serve?
We serve the SME marketplace, with an emphasis on the S or small part of that equation. Our clients have less than 1 million in revenue, and often less than ten seats in their workplace. We often deal with the “owner-operator” of the business.

What makes your company unique?
The niche we have carved out for ourselves is what makes us unique. While most firms look to serve the “A” chip or easily serviceable, easily bankable clients, early on we chose to service those clients that needed a little extra attention. We knew that servicing this underserved market place and seeing their success would be like the rising tide that raised all ships. After 15 years in business its proven to be true, after all when we started SME was not the buzz word that it is today.

What’s your biggest challenge facing you at present?
Finding the right talent. This is a more endemic issue than most people realize. We are in an aging industry that isn’t always understood. Finding the right talent, the right new blood is a challenge I think that needs to be on my mind at all times. We are always looking for the right people to join our team and help us grow to the next level.

What’s the aim for your business?
Our vision is to change the lives of 1,000,000 entrepreneurs and that’s what keeps our people moving forward every single day. It’s what keeps us coming in and servicing our clientele and it’s also what keeps us going through both the good and hard times.

What’s your company’s biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge we face as an organization is that currently the going rate of return is on a race to the bottom. Those who can sell for the smallest margin will gather the largest market share. This happened before the last crisis and the one before that. It means we need to watch what happened before and to be wary of it. While that’s all good and true to say, we still have to do business, so the margin squeeze is on and we just need to be aware of the greater market forces in effect.

What business person do you most admire and why?
There are literally so many business people I admire, so many people whom I have learned from that I think it would be a travesty to simply name one at the expense of the rest. I think the true test of a business leader is what are you learning right now, today and how is that affecting your decision making process and your ability to lead. Having said that, if I had to name just one, a man by the name of Warren Rustand, one of the most amazing business leaders I’ve had the privilege of knowing and investing time with taught me the true meaning of leadership; it’s not what I become, or if I reach my purpose in life, it’s how many people I turn around and help reach their purpose in life.

Original Article Source | December 2015

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