D&D Leasing’s Rev K. Bill Dost has just completed the 2018 ENDURrun, a seven-day hundred-mile multi-discipline race including time trials, hill runs, a half-marathon and a full marathon, giving its competitors barely any time to recover between challenges. He completed the race, held in Ontario, running the “Ultimate” category.

Bill told us, “I’ve been part of the Endurrun community for the last 8 years when I completed my first ultimate race. I’ve in that time completed 4 ultimates, 1 sport, was a relay team member once, was injured out once, and a guest runner one year. This year I’m rather proud of it as I fell to the last male in the standings.

He explained this last sentence, “My body, especially my feet, ended up completely shredded and destroyed to the point I can’t walk just yet. I had physical and mechanical issues — blisters, infection, fever, stopped sweating in a race, hips stopped opening up. I was unable to sleep due to a skin infection and then antibiotics that were rough on the stomach…and yet I finished. Even when I added 2 hours to my regular 4 hour marathon time I refused to quit. I’m proud of the man I discovered myself to be…I am extremely pleased with the completion, not the time.”

Bill Dost also has a tip for all those readers who are tempted to take the same challenge (a small proportion of our readership).

“Set extremely small goals. On the day of the marathon I could never have run that distance, but I could run 8x5km plus 2k, or as my wife aptly put it run for 5 just minutes and then run for another 5 until there were no more 5 minutes left. It was minute by minute goal setting that allowed me to look back hours later to see I had finished the marathon after a gruelling week on my body.”

Leasing World salutes Bill – we would be proud of completing any single day in ENDURrun, let alone all seven of them back to back!

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