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Funding the Future, Sponsoring a Creative Prize

By December 8, 2014March 5th, 2015No Comments

Funding the future - creative prizeD&D Leasing was a proud sponsor of the Medicine Unboxed and it’s Creative Prize, a November event in Cheltenham, U.K. that annually brings together physicians, artists and many other innovators, featuring new frontiers in healthcare, including how art, science and technology influence emerging medical solutions. We sponsored a creative prize for a participating artist that was won this year by Poet and Professor, Tiffany Atkinson. {More at}

I am pleased to also announce that Prof. Atkinson will recite her poem at our company’s black tie charity event this week.

Why would a financing company President be involved in medicine and the arts? There are several reasons that resonate with D&D Leasing’s core values and my family history. You see I come from a family of many who work in the medical field, and I was expected to become a doctor, but I chose business instead. My mother and brother are physicians, my father a pharmacist and my wife a nurse.

Fortunately, my personal connection with medicine can be relevant to our corporate philosophy of giving back to the community and funding innovation.

In an interview with a reporter who covered Medicine Unboxed, I summed it up this way:

“When we fund the Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize we are supporting a holistic view of healthcare and healing and we are fulfilling our social responsibility to protect the arts for the future.”

Sponsoring an event that attracts those who are building our future gives us an opportunity to be part of something very important, and D&D personnel are dedicated to being community builders, whether that is accomplished by cleaning a neighborhood street, participating in a trade group, or providing a loan to a growing company.

As a family man I also see our involvement as a way to ensure the future is positive for our children.

I believe that financiers are better perceived today on Wall Street than they were during the height of the global recession and we are proud to be in this field because, frankly, money is needed to get things done. And new ideas and ways to connect with our clients don’t come from within but from reaching out. Participation in the arts, in our community, and keeping a keen focus on the small and medium company that needs equipment or a loan, is where we will continue to devote our time and energy.

What are some of the ways your company is innovating or contributing to our collective future?

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