Recent y D&D Leasing was called upon to contact one of its customers.
A privately owned popular husband and wife Gastro Pub decided to expand their business by adding a new venue to their existing business. The main concern at the time was raising the capital.

Their equity was expended between the original business and securing the second location and the bank refused to support them further. The nature of the business and the type of asset had not attracted traditional asset funders until they were introduced to D&D Leasing. D&D Leasing understood the story and the commitment by the owners and were happy to fund this expansion providing finance on the catering equipment for the new premises in the Yorkshire Dales.

The husband and wife team were experienced and had a following, so much so that over the Christmas period they had a full booking schedule throughout the period with a large number of coach parties expected. Being in such demand, they did not secure advance deposits for the bookings despite inventory requirements and ultimately faced disaster when the all too recent adverse snow conditions resulted in their remote Gastro Pub becoming totally inaccessible.

Consequently all the bookings cancelled and they were unable to find replacement income at such short notice, leaving the business in a precarious cash flow position. To add to this and as a direct consequence, the bank called in their overdraft facility; they were staring down financial ruin for lack of cash flow.

They next contacted D&D Leasing, who instead of cancelling contracts and seizing equipment, worked with them. D&D Leasing restructured all payments on the contract, allowing the customer to improve their cash flow position over a period of six months which allowed them to satisfy their banks requirements.

Why? Because D&D Leasing BELIEVES, we BELIEVE in funding the little guy, and the tougher credit. We BELIEVE in supporting our clients through the life of the contract and walking the journey because we are an SME funding other SME’s.

To that end D&D Leasing is consistently refining its process, giving you faster decisions, faster payouts, larger transaction sizes, more points of contact and more product offerings. Our expanded product offering now holds;

  •  Asset Finance
  • Professional Loans
  • VAT/ Insurance
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • and transaction sizes up to £50,000

D&D Leasing: filling the funding gap and aggressively working for your business by walking the journey with your customers. | January 2013

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