Global 100 2017 winnerWith over twenty years in asset finance and leasing experience Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost, President and Managing Director of the D&D Leasing Group of Companies has an extensive understanding of funding small ticket transactions.  Starting D&D Leasing and Dost a unique perspective on the marketplace and where to focus the energies of the company itself.

To that end D&D Leasing has found itself focusing on the Small Ticket transactions, those generally seen to range between £1000 GBP and £250,000 GBP for a niche class of customer.  These customers, often classified as near prime, subprime or difficult to ban, are the class of customer D&D Leasing encounters every day.  The corner shop, the owner-operator, the small business, the start up operation.  Not quite ready to be banked and yet still in need of financing; whether it’s a computer, a set of desks, manufacturing equipment or even loans, D&D Leasing is there to help support these often, but not necessarily, early start operations.

Dost recognized the need for financing those operations that couldn’t seek bank assistance, due either to past poor credit performance or no credit history in his native Canada when he started the original operation back in 2000.  Prior to incepting D&D Leasing he noted that “the prime or blue chip customer really had no trouble finding finance, however, if you had bruised credit it would be a very difficult road to seek out finance, most companies would turn you away, or require egregious down payment schedules from you, we simply wanted to be different, we wanted to provide finance to anyone who could prove they had a shot at making it, but just needed a hand up, so we set out to do so.”

The key to the business is to ensure a stable rate of return for our investors and our company as a whole, while still ensuring we have an understanding of the exit strategy on the asset we are lending against and a sufficient down payment to make up the difference.  And most importantly, being willing to take a risk to lend into what is almost always an unfavorable market.  “While the term Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) has become popular in the last decade, the true definition of SME, those business classes which reside in the subprime and near prime categories, still remain on the outer fringes of finance society and we fell it’s our mission to ensure we can provide them with ample finance to attain their dreams and success in this, and any market place”, says Dost.

Today, D&D Leasing is established in markets in Canada, the United Kindom and is planning on opening in the United States.  While their original market of business to business clients has expanded to include consumer vehicles and commercial loans as well, they are still at their core a subprime and near prime lender, who are just as comfortable providing a £2500 pound finance for a computer as they are a £100,000 pound finance for a tractor trailer.  The real key to who they want to service is that small business and entrepreneurial sector.  In fact if you take a quick scan of their website it clearly states their mission statement: Changing the lives of one million entrepreneurs.  At the heart of it Dost says it best, “help the entrepreneurs succeed, and they spur the economy to grow.  REcognition like this, only helps that happen.”

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Rev. Dr. K. Bill Dost

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 Original Article Source | December, 31st 2017

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