Asset finance news

D&D Leasing UK Ltd. (“D&D”) has announced that it has recently negotiated a funding facility exclusively for the professional loan, VAT, and  Insurance markets. This will enable D&D to continue to serve the Entrepreneurial and SME sectors, while allowing for steady growth in its product base.

Managing Director Bill Dost commented, “We’re thrilled  to be able to offer a product that is so obviously needed in the market place, especially by our segment of customers, it’s our hope that between these three avenues we’ll be able to fund businesses on their most basic grass roots levels and assist them with growing their enterprises.

“In addition to this, our Asset Finance Business will now look to fund Light Commercial Vehicles, and trucks and trailers, specializing as we do with owner operators and smaller businesses. D&D Leasing has a commitment to serve the SME market aggressively, and where the big banks cannot, we will continue to stand with our customer base.”

D&D Leasing also recently negotiated a facility with Conister Bank from the Isle of Man in December of 2012. D&D Leasing UK Ltd. is a UK based company registered in London and offering finance to Entrepreneurs, and SMEs primarily through the broker channel. Their focus is businesses with under £5 Million in turnover, with average ticket sizes ranging between £15-£25,000 and a maximum size of £50,000. All assets welcome, they say!

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