May 24, 2013

In a time when we seem to be dealing with one uncertainty or another – the weather, the economy, the FCA, the Business Bank and whether it will help – it is nice to get some good news about a positive certainty.

D&D Leasing is aggressively growing its business funding specifically into the small business community, through the firm’s dedication to the Broker channel.

Growth this year will be exponential, based around this new funding capacity coupled with a doubling of the maximum individual transaction size to £50,000.

Brian Jerome, Head of Business at D&D Leasing, said: “As a private independent funder entering its fifth year of business in the UK and as a proud Patron of the NACFB, D&D Leasing is excited to be in a position where growth of our main business is achieving new records quarter on quarter. This is now set to increase exponentially with the arrival of significant additional funding from our partners, enabling us to drive forward our business plan to achieve significant volume targets for the year.”

He added: “New funding capability and other changes to internal operational procedures have been supported by the recent addition of new product offerings, including professional loans and light commercial vehicle leases. Following the extremely popular pilots, D&D Leasing is keen to expand these products, together with traditional asset funding, to our broker community with immediate effect.”

Brian went on to say: “We remain focussed on brokers’ requirements and the needs of the entrepreneur, the SME, new starts or developing business customer offering. By continuing to promote, support and develop our ‘story- credit’ approach to lending, our work over the last four years now generates confidence in our business model, matched by our equally dependable ability to supply and attract the levels of funding  that keeps us growing.”

D&D Leasing plan to deliver this growth not simply with additional funding lines and increased transactions sizes, but through continuous improvement in operational efficiencies and listening to broker feedback. With a commitment to resource both funding and people, D&D Leasing has increased the size of their team in the last year. Actively seeking to open up channels to achieve its volume targets, D&D Leasing’s appetite for solid business introductions has increased, as has its desire for solid business partnerships, particularly with members of the NACFB.

So, whatever uncertainties there may be out there, there is certainty in D&D Leasing’s increased appetite and ability to fund and the firm is excited to write more business with you.

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