Convention attendees participated in three charitable activities. At “Lending a Hand to Arizona Helping Hands,” ELFA volunteers built 16 bikes and decorated 250 boxes that will be used to distribute more than 30,000 toys serving 17,000 foster children.  At the Build a Bed project, volunteers built beds, dressers and cribs for 16 children — and their efforts were highlighted on the local Fox 10 Phoenix news station, which reported on the project.  Members also participated in the Jim McGrane Charity Bicycle Ride.  Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors listed on p. 31, ELFA donated $25,000 to Arizona Helping Hands, which assists foster families who have stepped up to provide a safe, loving environment for children in the Department of Child Safety system.

2018 ELFA Giving Back Bicycle Ride
2018 ELFA Giving Back building beds for children | Original Article | November/December 2018 ELFA Magazine