Aqiok, a managed B2B platform for prestige cosmetics distribution in key global markets, and asset-based lender DND Finance signed a multi-year agreement to develop a new app to provide well needed lease financing to cosmetics manufacturers and brands in North America and Europe.

This agreement provides Aqiok with the financial service infrastructure that draws on DND’s nearly 20-years of operations to deploy a new app in its omni channel platform (OCP) and app product line. From its operations in London, DND will back-end service the origination of new financing requirements from Aqiok customers while Aqiok ensures a superior customer experience for cosmetics manufacturers and brands.

“In the cosmetics space nearly 80% of producers are classified as small to medium size enterprises (SME),” said Matthew Keddy, CEO of Aqiok. “Utilizing our managed platform, we are in a unique position to introduce a new marketplace lending app with DND to meet that operational and growth needs of our customers.”

“We are pleased that we can bring our almost two decades of SME finance expertise in North America and Europe to this new partnership,” said Rev. Dr. Dost, group CEO of DND Finance. “Having implemented numerous contracts for clients and brokers successfully, we are confident we can meet or exceed the operational needs of Aqiok’s new lending app.”

“Ensuring each customer has an individualized cross channel strategy that spans our platform combined with new growth financing options is a key part of customer experience focus,” added Keddy. “At scale internationally, the relationship with DND ensures we are delivering new apps in our product line that are high impact.”

Founded by Dost in 2000, DND Finance is a multi-national finance company with offices in both Canada and the UK. It funds the underserved SME arena, engaging in finance lines, including leasing, professional loans, commercial loans, motor finance and most recently a secured charge card.

Aqiok is a Vancouver-based managed platform company targeting prestige cosmetics manufacturers and brands in key global markets.