Lessor D&D Leasing will set aside monthly income from its lease contracts and originations to contribute to a humanitarian charity.

Humanitarian organisation WE supports teachers in schools in the UK and North America and targets poverty in villages across developing communities in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

WE works to break the cycle of poverty through its sustainable development programme, WE Villages. Alongside community leaders and local governments, WE Villages improves access to education, clean water, healthcare, and food, whilst equipping community members with the skills and infrastructure to be self-sufficient, within an average of five years.

D&D Leasing said it will be supporting WE’s programme in a community called Kalinjar, located 70km from Udaipur, India with a population of around 900 people.

Its aim will be to improve access to education, clean water, healthcare, food and with the support of D&D Leasing, income opportunities, especially for women.

D&D Leasing will be supporting this programming by providing funding through setting aside monthly income from every finance contract it funds or originates, throughout the life of the contract.

D&D Leasing group chief executive Bill Dost said: “I’m really excited about this initiative for a few reasons, firstly we’re able to help people at a grassroots level and through WE our funds will go to a place that really and truly needs and requires that help.

“Secondly, while the amounts start off small, over time and with the compound effect, our donations will have a lasting impact for this community. One of our corporate values has always been to be Community Builders and I see there being no better way than this. I’d love it if other organizations took our lead and multiplied this effect. We would like to thank all our customers for choosing to work with D&D, as your business allows us to give in this way. ”